2023 - Year in Review

Big growth, quality, branding, and table tennis.

2022 - Year in Review

Capability, innovation, achievement and teamwork

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing

Additive manufacturing, which can also be referred to as 3D printing, has been gaining more and more traction over the years due to the unique capabilities it brings.

CNC Cutting

Computer numerical controlled cutting – what is it and why do we have it?

Australian Industry Capability

The importance of sovereign capability in the Australian manufacturing sector

Supply chain crisis

How can Australian businesses be in a better position to ride through this supply chain crisis? The answer might be to strengthen the competency of one’s local supply chains.

Custom foam case insert

How to cut foam?

PRP has a very specialized capability in the cutting and fabrication of foam due to our wide range of different machinery 

what is a flange gasket

Gasket fundamentals

What is the purpose of a gasket? What does a gasket look like? What can you make a gasket out of? What is a flange gasket? This blog covers some basic fundamentals on gaskets and their common use cases.

What is PRP's foam cutting and foam shaping service?

The wide varieties of foams used by PRP serve its diverse group of customers from defence to construction to HVAC and many more.

What are PRP’s rubber cutting capabilities?

PRP uses many different rubber compounds to produce a wide variety of products, serving a diverse range of industries as part of its precision rubber cutting expertise.