Protectore – Hard case & foam inserts

PRP has the ability to produce custom foam inserts for any box, hard case, soft case or enclosure. Utilising the latest in CNC technology, our inserts can be either cut or milled to produce an accurate and durable insert which profiles the exact contents within the case.

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custom boxes

Store – Packaging Solutions

PRP Manufacturing creates a wide variety of custom packaging solutions, utilising high-quality plastic flute and custom cut foam. The boxes have excellent structural integrity and are a low-cost alternative for part storage and transfer. Our boxes are ideal for warehousing, logistics, storage, and streamlining production with smart workflows.

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Seal – Gaskets, washers & seals

PRP is a leading provider in the manufacturer of industrial gaskets, washers and seals, providing an extensive range of differing solutions to major industries such as defence, mining, energy, agriculture, petrochemical, water and sewage.

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Stencil – Custom stencilling

PRP has the capability to produce custom designed stencils in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Custom lettering or graphics can be cut out to produce a strong, robust stencil capable of performing and withstanding any application.

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