PRP Manufacturing (formally Process Rubber and Plastics) has for years been a significant contributor to the defence and space sectors. Established in 1991, PRP has relationships with many significant partners both nationally and overseas.

PRP are members of the SA DTC (Defence Teaming Centre) and AIDN (Australian Industry and Defence Network) and work with many defence contractors. Some of current and past partners include ASC AWD Shipbuilder, BAE Systems Australia, SAAB, RedArc, DTSG (Defence Science and Technology), MacTaggart Scott, APC Technology, Silentium Defence, Pacific Marine Batteries, Marand Precision Engineering, Babcock Australia, Australian Munitions, Century Engineering and Toolcraft Australia.

PRP has been awarded grants in both SADI (Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry) and DCG (Defence Global Competitiveness).


PRP has been involved in the following exhibitions, all in conjunction with Defence SA.

  • June 2021 – Land Forces 2021 (Brisbane, Convention & Exhibition Centre)
  • May 2022 – Indo Pacific 2022 International Maritime Exposition (Sydney, International Convention Centre)
  • October 2022 – Land Forces 2022 (Brisbane, Convention & Exhibition Centre)

We also look forward to being present at the upcoming Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition, held in Sydney in November 2023.


Core defence capability

  • A comprehensive manufacturing facility, featuring waterjet, knife, laser, 5-axis router and milling, die cutting, and custom assembly.
  • Specialised materials not limited to rubber, sponge, foam, cork, fibre, plastic, insulation and composites, with particular reference to addressing thermal, heat, electro-static discharge, radio frequency, and sound dampening applications.
  • Gasket and sealing solutions, including custom sealing and also gaskets complying to major international standards.
  • Packaging solutions including hard cases, soft cases and custom made, with foams addressing important parameters such as fire retardancy, electro-static discharge and impact/shock.
  • In-house engineering with full 3D/CAD and prototyping

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Recently awarded

SEA5000 Hunter Class Frigate Progam – Prototyping gaskets tender

SA company extends capability in Defence and export

Previous and future works

Previous work

Collins Class Submarines – Electrical console gaskets, fibre, and rubber sealing gaskets.

Royal Australian Navy – Foam packaging solutions and integrated logistics support (ILS).

Air Warfare Destroyer – Block rubber and channel extrusion profiles.

Continuous Shipbuilding Program – Gaskets and custom sealing solutions for various key defence partners.

M113 Land Combat Vehicles – Protective packaging and storage solutions to support ILS and specials tools and test equipment.

Land Systems – Acrylic plastic components for weapons system to support NASAMS program delivered under Land 19 Phase 7B.

Future work

We have been approached by various defence supply companies to provide quotation for parts and services for a wide range of projects. Some of the major projects include:

SEA 5000 – Hunter Frigates.

Land 400 Phase 3 – Land combat vehicle system.

Land 125 Phase 4 – Integrated soldier system.


PRP is ISO 9001 quality certified, and has an extensive quality management plan to ensure our production processes are efficient, and the products we produce conform to specification.

The purpose of our quality management system (QMS) is to establish, implement, maintain, and improve PRP’s core processes by using guidelines set out within ISO 9001:2015. The total objective is to produce high-quality products and services, free of defects, and to deliver an experience to our customers that exceeds expectations.

PRP has worked with many prime and tier 1 customers in producing products conforming to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 (Aerospace FAI).


Traceability and accountability

As a part of our plan, PRP puts significant work into traceability and accountability for it’s raw material and sourcing of products. It constantly reviews process and procedures to ensure all defence related materials comply to counterfeit products and conformance.

AIC (Australian Industry Capability)

PRP is an advocate for defence sovereignty and building industry capability in Australia. In doing so, PRP has developed a long-term strategic direction, factoring in development, succession planning and top-level leadership. PRP embraces an exciting vision, and with that, a passion and desire to drive a highly skilled workforce with specialised capability, locally here within Australia.

AIC Goals

Long-term investment strategy aimed to create an additional employment through innovation and capital investment.

Employee’s all locally acquired and spread throughout apprenticeships, graduate, and senior opportunities.

A specific focus on defence sovereignty, with engagement in government programs and grants to assist in development, investment and export.

R&D into software development, with a focus on manufacturing management, sensors and IoT technology.

PRP to drive a long-term outlook in both manufacturing and technology to drive sustainability and open opportunities within the global marketplace.

PRP has strong foundations in place for long-term succession, with exciting and dynamic goals and values surrounding creative problem solving, learning and inclusion.