CNC computer cutting

Our bread and butter.

PRP’s CNC machinery consists of numerous flat bed cutting machines, routers, lasers and automated high volume die presses.

Our machinery has the ability to cut a wide range of different materials to tight tolerances and high precision.

PRP has the ability to fabricate prototypes and small batches right through to high volume mass production.

Our machinery specialises in the cutting of rubber, sponge, foam, plastic, acrylic, fibre and other non-metallic materials.

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Specialised materials

PRP sources a wide range of specialised materials from all over the globe, and continually works with different compounds and substrates with class leading properties.

PRP stocks many different varieties of rubber, sponge, foam, cork, plastic and fibre, with many of them exhibiting very unique properties with respect to controlling temperature, withstanding heat, very low thermal conductivity, sound dampening, fire retardancy and anti-static.

We work with both in-house materials and also those from our customers and partners.

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Custom solutions

Protect – Custom made foam inserts to protect items and equipment

Storage – Custom plastic packaging for storage, logistics and transport

Thermal – Speciality sponges and foams with class leading thermal properties

Sound – Speciality sponges and foam specifically designed for sound attenuation

Seal – Our extensive range of gaskets, washers and seals

Stencil – Custom cut letters, numbers, logos or graphics

Design and engineering

PRP has an engineering team on site that can assist with any design or technical aspects that could be encountered along the way.

Our team features mechanical engineering experience, specialisation in materials, advanced CAD drafting and industrial design.

Quality control

PRP has an extensive quality management plan to ensure our production processes are efficient, and the products we produce always conform to specification.

The purpose of our quality management plan (QMP) is to establish, implement, maintain, and improve PRP’s core processes by using guidelines set out within ISO 9001:2015. The system utilises the concepts of plan-do-check-act (PDCA), and establishes measurable objectives for key processes. These processes make up the fundamental scope of the quality management system and is driven from senior leadership and our quality management team. The total objective is to produce high quality products and services, free of defects, and to deliver an experience to our customers that exceeds expectations.

PRP has worked with many prime and tier 1 customers in producing products conforming to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9102 (Aerospace FAI).