Custom foam case inserts

Custom storage solutions

For warehousing, production,
transport and logistics


Custom storage solutions

For warehousing,
production, transport
and logistics

About us


PRP Manufacturing creates a wide variety of custom packaging solutions, utilising high quality plastic flute and custom cut foam. The boxes have excellent structural integrity, and are a a low-cost alternative for part storage and transfer. Our boxes are ideal for warehousing, logistics, storage, and to streamline production with smart workflows.

Our boxes – Our plastic boxes are constructed from polypropylene extruded flute. The flute, available in several wall thicknesses, is bent and folded into any custom sized dimensions. The boxes are stackable, and comes standard with handles and corner protection. Further options include colour options, lids, custom foam inserts, identification plates and locking mechanisms.

Custom sizes – Our biggest differentiator over conventional solutions is that our boxes can be custom made to any size, making them suitable for many different storage or logistics applications. Length, width and height are all variable.

Interstate service – Our boxes can be made to ship flat packed, thus making them quite an attractive option for shipping interstate. PRP services companies and industries Australia wide. We have competitive shipping and logistics partnerships, servicing all states and major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart.

Quality – PRP produces all boxes and custom foam inserts to a very high quality and standard. All products have full supply chain traceability, making them suitable for defence and aerospace, or when conformance and accountability is a requirement.

What they are used for


Warehousing – Boxes can be designed for shelving and pallet storage. The faces of the boxes can have ID plates to identify items and quantities.

Transport and logistics – Like warehousing, parts and assemblies can be stored and transported between locations. Our boxes can also be specially engineered with protective foam or insulating mediums to protect items, assemblies and equipment from shock, vibration, heat and much more.

Production workflow – Boxes can be created to streamline workflows on production or assembly lines. Taken from our experience in the automotive industry, parts can be brought into a processing line just in time to allow for lean production practices and part accountability.

General storage – Given our boxes are low-cost and stackable, generic sizes can be made for general storage. Boxes can also be flat packed potentially at a later date for storage and re-use.