Custom foam case inserts

Custom hard case and foam inserts

To protect, and to store,
assets that are important to you


Custom hard case foam inserts

To protect,
and to store,
assets that are
important to you

About us


PRP Manufacturing is a leading supplier of plastic hard cases and custom foam inserts, to protect and store assets that are important to you. PRP stocks cases from leading brands such as Pelican, Nanuk, and Max, and provides custom cut foam for hard cases, soft cases, toolboxes, and more!

To see more of our detailed work, please check out our brand Protectore!, or read more below.

Custom sizes and shapes – Utilising the latest in CNC technology, our custom case inserts can be either cut or milled to produce an accurate and durable insert that profiles the exact contents within the case. 

Foams used – Our foam inserts can be cut out of several different types of high-quality foam. Our specially engineered PE foam is black in colour, has great impact and wear resistance, and maintains it’s look and durability over time. It’s also very attractive for display or when aesthetics is important. We also offer other PE and EVA varieties, and specialised foams that offer unique properties such as fire retardancy, anti-static or thermal considerations. Inserts can be dressed up with coloured harder plastics, identification plates, or inlays. 

Cases used – We stock and supply a full range of hard cases from leading case manufacturers, including Pelican, Trimcast, Nanuk, Max and more. We also can produce cost-effective lightweight custom plastic boxes to any size or dimension. For more information on these please click here. We also welcome cases from our customers.  

Interstate service – PRP services companies and industries Australia wide. We have competitive shipping and logistics partnerships, servicing all states and major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart.  

Quality – PRP produces all cases and inserts to a very high quality and standard. All products have full supply chain traceability, making them suitable for defence and aerospace, or when conformance and accountability is a requirement.  

How we do it

The process

1 – The case

PRP to provide

If you’re unsure on what case you need PRP can help you find it! We have access to a wide range of different case suppliers catering to all shapes, styles, certifications and price points.

Bring your own

If you have a case, please feel free to send it or bring it down to us. We can work with all types of cases, including boxes, briefcases and many more!

2 – The contents

Drawings and photos

In order for us to model your contents, we offer a couple of solutions. If you have CAD files, we can happily accept all major 2D and 3D file types, including .dxf, .dwg .stl, and step. We can also model from drawing programs such as adobe illustrator (.ai, .eps). Alternatively, if you don’t have CAD files we can re-engineer them from high-resolution photos and pdf’s. To find out more about this process, please get in contact with us.

Physical contents

If you are happy to us to have your contents, please feel free to send them or bring them down to us. PRP has facilities to keep contents secure, and if they are required back urgently we can organize a convenient time where we can model them over an agreed upon time period. In some cases, we can have the contents back to you same day.

3 – The review

Following an initial consultation on the design and layout, our engineering team will send you a mock-up to review prior to manufacturer. Once happy with the final layout, we will cut the foam to your requirements and finish the case!

If you’re interested to get started, or would like to find out any further information, please feel free to contact us.

What they are used for


Photography and videography equipment, drones, defence, guns and ammunition, warehouse and logistics, transportation, teaching (education kits utilising VR/AR), tooling, mining equipment, specialty heavy equipment, medical equipment and much much more!