Welcome to PRP Manufacturing

Creating opportunities,
using advanced cutting technology.

Welcome to PRP Manufacturing

Creating opportunities,
using advanced cutting technology.


Providing solutions that exceed expectations

PRP Manufacturing is committed to solving our customer’s problems, by inspiring excellence through creative innovation and continuous improvement.

Founded in 1991, PRP uses advanced CNC cutting technology to custom manufacturer a wide range of products out of very specialised materials.

What we do

CNC computer cutting

Our facility features a complimentary range of CNC cutting machines capable of profile cutting a wide range of different materials for a diverse set of industries.

Knife cutting, laser cutting, routering, die-cutting.

Think tight tolerances, and high precision.

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Specialised materials

PRP sources materials with very unique properties from around the globe, with a specialisation in advanced rubber, sponges, foams, and insulation.

We currently stock a wide range of rubber, sponge, foam, thermal insulation, sound insulation, plastic, cork and fibre.

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Custom products

We have the capability to produce a wide range of different custom products for a wide range of different customers.

Some of our unique solutions include protective foam case inserts, advanced corflute/plastic packaging, thermal insulation components, sound insulation components, flange gaskets, custom gaskets, washers, seals, and custom foam products.

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Design and engineering

We provide design and engineering assistance right through a product’s lifecycle.

Our team features mechanical engineering experience, specialisation in materials, advanced 2D & 3D CAD drafting and industrial design.

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Featured Case Study

Defence - Our capability

PRP Manufacturing (formally Process Rubber and Plastics) has been a significant contributor to the defence sector for many years. Established in 1991, PRP has relationships with many significant partners both nationally and overseas.

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Featured case study

Defence - Logistics and warehousing

Our customer was looking for a better way to manage their inventory stock and protect their components during shipping and handling.

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Featured Case Study

Medical – PPE and equipment

Medical professionals globally were needing a fast, cost effective solution to help reduce the risk of transmission when attended to patients who were positive with the coronavirus.

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Featured Case Study

HVAC – Evaporative air conditioning

Our customer was looking to maximise the efficiency and energy savings of their air conditioning unit, whilst ensuring the operational noise remained as quiet as possible.

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