Sponge rubber varieties exhibit a softer more compressible feel compared to standard rubber due to the various blowing agents used during the formation process.

Sponges generally have excellent compressibility and recovery, but can be susceptible to tearing and impact absorption due to their lower hardness and tensile strengths.

EPDM sponge is an extremely popular choice for gaskets, seals and enclosures due to its excellent resistance to ozone and weather, whilst also being impermeable to such intrusions like water, fungi, bacteria, air and moderate heat.

Likewise Neoprene sponge has similar traits to EPDM but also exhibits a slightly higher resistance to fuels, solvents and chemical compounds.

Nitrile sponges are developed for further resistance to these properties, whilst silicone sponge rubber is used for higher temperature applications, and natural sponges for when higher tensile strength and resistance is required.

Our sponges range in sizes from 1.5mm thick up to 50mm thick, with sheets approximately 1000mm in width. We are able to provide customised sizing for a given application, whilst we also can apply suitable adhesive to either a single or double side to aid in bonding during the installation process.

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