High density foam based materials are a low-cost alternative to sponge rubber where insulation and support are needed without the need for a rubber-based compound.

Polyethylene foam (PE) and ethylene vinyl acetate foam (EVA) are the most common foam varieties. These foams are available in a range of densities, thicknesses, colours and sizes and are most commonly used for case inserts, protection, insulation, gaskets and seals. Both are generally supplied as a closed cell foam, which make them impervious to water, fungi, bacteria and air, whilst also exhibiting reasonable thermal resistance.

Our Ethafoam range exhibits tougher tensile strengths which have been seen desirable for robust packaging and support for such industries like defence, oil and gas.

Our polyurethane range can also be used for case inserts and protection but being open cell in nature makes it susceptible to inclusions such as water and fluid. This foam is most suitable for specialised projects such as mattresses, seat foam and cushions.

In addition to common foam types, PRP Manufacturing also stocks a specialised range of insulation foams addressing key engineering issues surrounding heat, the transfer of heat, fire retardancy, and noise. Our thermoshield material offers class leading performance in reducing heat transfer, with a thermal conductivity value of less than 0.034 w/m^2 K. We also stock very specialised materials that aim to address all of these factors in a single solution.

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